The digital opportunities in healthcare are immense. We at Meddition want to turn these ideas into reality using digital solutions improving the patient journey’s quality.

“Digital innovation is essential if we are to maintain the high quality of our care. A lot is said about it, but little is done. With Meddition we want to make this happen.

Adding value to
the medical world

Our goal is to be a digital asset in the medical world. In particular when it comes to all types of patient care assistance.

This asset has many facets. A mobile application that informs and motivates your patients before and after their operation. A customized module that supports them during long-term treatments.

Any idea that improves the patient journey's quality is worth the effort of having our team research it further, turning it into the right digital solution.

Creating added value with these innovations

Get to know Carey

Carey gets patients ready for their operation and it helps them recover as quickly as possible afterwards.

The first version of this app is specifically intended for orthognathic surgery. The basic principles however are applicable to any surgery focusing on the patient journey.

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