Carey is here: Everything you need to know


It’s official! Meddition officially launched Carey on March 30th for Android and IOS. Carey allows caretakers to inform and keep track of their patients’ progress before & after surgery, during treatment, through sickness, …and this within any medical specialty.

Meddition’s biggest priority with Carey 1.0 is providing caretakers and patients a trustworthy communication tool. That means providing the patient with the right information at the right moment and structuring all the relevant information in a very accessible way.

Via the dashboard the caretaker guides the patient by setting up a personalized care pathway and receiving feedback from the patient via PROMs, surveys, checklists, and more.

The mobile application provides patients with a trusted partner during their journey giving them access to the necessary information, answers to their questions and automatically reminding them of any to do’s such as medication, exercises, preparation, nutrition, …

The general outcome is that patients feel better informed, not left alone once at home and less insecure regarding their patient journey while the doctor can follow-up patients more closely without investing an increased amount of time.

An ongoing improvement of the way healthcare is delivered today

“Today’s situation makes very clear that the digitalization of healthcare and at home follow-up of patients is becoming increasingly important.

Even more, the possibilities provided to us by modern technology make that we can no longer justify that patients are left on their own in between doctor’s appointments. Yet, that’s exactly what’s happening today.” – Laurens Dubaere, CEO.

New digital technologies are set to transform our healthcare systems over the coming years. Innovation is the name of the game here, with the main goal of supporting caregivers, optimizing systems, improving patient outcomes, reducing human error, and lowering costs through digital tools.

Meddition refuses to remain on the sidelines in this respect and continues to pioneer and advocate the implementation of digital tools to the benefit of caretakers and patients. To that end, Meddition intends to continuously develop and release new features for its Carey users.

The Carey mobile application can be downloaded from the patient’s respective app store. Access to the application is provided by the patient’s caretaker.

For more information, pricing or other enquiries, contact us via the contact page.