A mobile coach app assisting your patients
before and after surgery

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Carey gets your patient ready for their operation. And helps them recover as quickly as possible after that.

Information and motivation at the right moment.

By releasing information in a stepwise manner we make sure your patient gets the right information at the right time. Consequently avoiding they get lost in an overload of information. Moreover, it motivates when most needed.

Better care for your patient. Time saving for you

Carey's mission is twofold. On one side it wants to improve patient care. On the other side it tries to ease your follow-up tasks as a clinician saving time to focus on your clinical activity.

The right info

What can I eat the day of surgery? How often do I need to take my pain medication? I have a lot of pain – is that normal?

Every patient has questions after an operation. Carey provides the answers. It does this based on the most recent evidence available in the field.

You can add information as well because as a specialist, you naturally have your own perspective. This way, you can adapt Carey to suit your own style of patient care if, as a specialist, you don’t agree with it.

At the right time

We know that you try your best to make sure your patients are informed as good as possible. Nevertheless, overloaded by information, patients forget about your good advise and are lost when returning home.

Carey turns this waterfall of information into a steady trickle, giving your patients the right information at the right time. You can switch to solid foods today… I recommend the following recipes… From this day on, you can start to cut back on your medication…

This keeps things clear for your patients knowing what to do and when to do it.

In the right way

Every patient requires a different approach. This is why Carey is constantly learning about how every patient prefers to process its information.

Is he a visual type of person? Then Carey will play videos. Does he prefer interaction? Then Carey will present them fun quizzes. Is he an avid reader? Then Carey will stick with text.

When a patient is ignoring Carey? Then its tone will become more direct and it will switch to more aggressive push notifications to keep the patient in line.

Pep talk

The right info at the right time is one thing. Carey’s approach goes beyond. It motivates and keeps your patients sharp when needed.
Besides, it helps the patient to find a buddy in the community that can serve as an emergency contact in the loop of their recovery.

If Carey notices that it’s being ignored, it will notify the patient’s emergency contact so that he or she can intervene.

A listening ear

Your patient has a question? Then Carey will search the FAQ database to find an answer. If Carey can’t find the right answer, your patient can consult the community or even start a chat session with someone on the nursing staff. Only then Carey will call someone in your department who can help.

This way, only the relevant questions are passed on and you have more time to focus on your daily clinical activity.

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