Let Carey assist you: the digital patient coach for your hospital, private- or group practice in every specialty.

A mobile application which guides the patient before and after surgery, during treatment, through sickness, …

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Carey, win-win for doctor & patient

A digital assistant for your hospital

Monitor your patients’ evolution in the blink of an eye
Detect potential complications at an early stage
Save time during consultations with a quick overview
Limit recurring standard questions and gain time for caretaking
Distinguish your hospital with digital support for the patient
Decrease crowding in waiting rooms through remote follow-up

A coach through the complete care pathway

The right information at the right moment
No more Dr. Google, all validated information in one place
Less human error eg. when taking medication
An even closer follow-up by the caretaking team
Increased patient satisfaction through optimized patient care
A better informed patient due to digital support

Key features

Carey is your trustworthy communication partner as a centralized source of information for all patients.

Your patient receives the right information at the right time, giving back control and providing patients with the opportunity of optimal comprehension and preparation.

Patients know what to expect and are no longer dropped in the deep end of the pool.

Prepare your patients by giving instructions and to do’s, by using photos and videos to explain relevant matter for his/her treatment.

No more paper administration thanks to the digital integration of surveys and questionnaires.

Request feedback via Carey and receive insight in your patient’s progress, hospital experience, specific needs, patient satisfaction, …

Out of sight, but not out of mind. Monitor your patients after they have left the hospital trough surveys, PROMS/PREMS, chat function, sharing of photos or videos, …

Analyze different treatment possibilities and adapt them based on patient feedback and parameter monitoring.

How it works

  • 1. Create care pathways based on how you work

    Use the composer tool in the dashboard to create care pathways and add them to your library.

  • 2. Select the care pathway for your patient and link to the patient’s mobile app

    From your library in the dashboard choose the appropriate care pathway for your patient.

  • 3. Personalize the care pathway with a few clicks if necessary

    Via the individual patient profile you can easily adapt medication, surveys, PROMs, … when needed.

  • 4. Monitor and further optimize treatment on the go

    Monitor your patient remotely and optimize treatment based on patient feedback to have the best possible outcome.


No, a technical background is not required! The platform in general is built in a very intuitive way allowing anyone to operate the service.

Also, the care pathway builder module is conceived so that anyone can easily digitalize their current way of working without the burden of technical limitations.

The software adapts to your methods, not the other way around!

The software supports the following languages:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French

Carey continues to develop and has a built-in translation tool. Therefore, if you would be interested in other language versions do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes, Carey has a built-in translation tool, which allows you to build the care pathway in a default language and have other language versions of that pathway easily attributed to your patients.

Extra features

Adaptable & according to your methods

Simple creation of care pathways based on your own way of working. Compose your care pathways with:

  • Tips, general information
  • Daily to do’s, reminders and instructions
  • Appointment overview
  • Medication schedule
  • Surveys
  • Videos and photos
  • FAQ overview

Individually personalizable with a few clicks

Select the appropriate care pathway based on the type of surgery, age of the patient, your success stories, etc.

Via the individual patient profile, you can swiftly personalize the appropriate care pathway to the individual patient’s needs (e.g. medication, surveys, PROMs, exercises, …)

One-stop-tool for all departments, specialties and treatments

The software tool that can be used across all departments and for all patients, regardless of the pathology and the individual case of the patient: Carey offers the toolbox in a way that every kind of guidance can be offered to the patient

Branded version of Carey

The look and feel of Carey can be adapted to carry your brand.
This contributes to a recognizable identity of your medical practice or hospital company.

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